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What does this mean?

A friend of mine on fb posted a photo of himself with a frog plush on his head that said on the little plush frog’s shirt “Once a Prince...Now a toad.”  

Is that quote meant to be a joke or literal? 

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    There is a famous fairy tale wherein the prince of the realm was turned into a frog by an evil witch.  The only way the frog could be returned to be a prince again was for a beautiful (they're always beautiful) princess to kiss the frog.  Which meant that as a frog the prince had to woo the princess and get her to like a frog.

    Long story...short.  She kisses the frog and he returns to being a prince and they live happily ever after...until their first kid comes along, but that's another story.

    "Once a prince...Now a toad" means he's looking for that beautiful princess to change him back into being a prince.

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