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how many probably know that Israel has a sea port on the Red Sea? (meaning can transport goods to the Mediterranean all the way from China)?


I just saw that there is a sea port on the Red Sea? or what body of water is it on the southern eastern tip of Israel that connects to the Red Sea?

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    One of the reasons Britain "supported" a "Homeland for the Jews" when they handed Palestine over to the Zionists was access to the resources, including the Suez Canal.

    It wasn't a "homeland" they supported, but access to the Middle East. Their "concern" for the Jews was nowhere to be found when the Jews were in the Nazi prison camps. Britain controlled Palestine through the British Mandate and Hitler wanted to relocate the Jews out of Europe (the Havaara Agreement and the Wannsee Protocol).

    Yet, neither Britain nor the self-proclaimed "advocates" for the Jews - the Zionists, lifted a finger to help them.

    It was never about any "Homeland for the Jews" - it was about creating and supporting a political state where Britain could enrich itself from the resources, and the Zionists could take Palestine away from the Arabs (who rightly belonged there - and still do).

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     Suez Canal, sea-level waterway running north-south across the Isthmus of Suez in Egypt to connect the Mediterranean and Red seas. ... William B. Fisher See All Contributors ... The canal extends 120 miles (193 km) between Port Said (Būr Saʿīd) ... How has the Suez Canal changed throughout history?

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    So, it's been their for some time. What's your question??

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    Anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of geography knows that 

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    That brings us to the Q  on resource politics - Whether history is written or history is created in advance ! :)

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    Do you know, I doubt if you are the first person to notice this. And no it doesn't.

    And Dave, currently 'non-partisan' - you mentioned access to the Suez Canal before and it was pointed out to you that the Suez Canal is now, and always has been in Egypt, not Palestine. It was also, until 1956, owned by France and Britain - I don't know what date you are talking about when you say Britain 'handed Palestine to the Zionists' to gain access etc, because it never happened, but I think you have an earlier date than that in mind. So I really don't know what you are talking about there, and I doubt if you do.

    You also repeat that Britain did not 'lift a finger' to help the Jews during Hitler's attempted genocide. And again, I draw your attention to the Kindertransport which helped 10,000 children to escape when Hitler's true colours became evident.

    You really are remarkable - you claim Britain gave Palestine to 'the Zionists' in return for access to the Suez Canal which she, in fact, owned, you were told this was nonsense, but you repeat it. You also repeat the 'never lifted a finger' in the face of the evidence of the Kindertransport

    Just as you claimed that the prolonged persecution of the Jews in Russia and E Europe was "a publicity campaign" ... all right, you don't know any history, but when given the correct information you could at least avoid repeating your mistakes.

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    I expect the Israelis know.

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    True but don't forget Egypt with the Suez Canal and Port Suez and Port Said.

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    That would be the Port of Eilat.

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