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Describe the phase changes from 0.08x10to5.50x1 torr at 246.15.?

2.Justify the point C at which 304.15 K and 5.50 x 104 torr, respectively.

3.State the temperature and pressure does carbon dioxide exist in all three states, thus name the point.

4.Is liquid CO2 denser than solid. Explain your answer.

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    1. The CO2 is initially in the gaseous state. As the pressure increases, and a bit above 0.30X10^4 torr, it begins to condense into a liquid and will totally liquify as the pressure is raised above that. Then, finally at point B, the liquid begins to solidify, and you have an equilibrium between the liquid and the solid states.

    2. At point C, you have an equilibrium between gaseous and liquid CO2.

    3. Point C is called the "triple point" for CO2. At 0.30X10^4 torr and 216.15 K, all three states (gas, liquid and solid) exist in equilibrium.

    4. Because the solid-liquid equilibrium line from points A to B has a positive slope, the solid is more dense than the liquid. At any temperature, increasing the pressure will cause the liquid to solidify, indicating the greater density of the solid over the liquid.

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