Attempted sign in to my mail account?

Hi everyone, I keep getting notifications asking if I’m attempting to sign into my email account from the Yahoo Mail app. It’s usually always from chrome on windows and I’ve sometimes got the IP addresses and can’t tell if they’re on a vpn, is it likely someone I know trying to sign in or would it be hackers? I have nothing of a value to anyone so I’m not sure as to why they would want to but. And would anyone have any idea as to how to stop them? I often get the notification and it disappears, is this because they’ve been successful or because they haven’t been? I’ve included a couple of screenshots of one of the IPs for reference.

Any help is very much appreciated as Yahoo have not been helpful in the slightest.


The screenshot I’ve added is from June but I’m constantly getting the sign in attempts and even had one this morning. Another one of the IPs is and if I see another one I’ll post it here, no idea if that’s any help but let me know!

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  • 1 month ago

    Odds are it is just someone or more likely something, like a robot that is trying to access your account from another country. For instance i get allot from coratia for some reason, they have a robot program that tried random account names and passwords in the hope they find someone using a insecure password. Best practice, by all means keep an eye on it incase they get in. But set a really strong password a good 12 digit length and where you can turn on two factor authentication.

  • BigE
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Did you turn on 2 factor authentication?  This will stop them because they will need your phone or callback to even attempt to break in.

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