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Is it bad to be an adult sharing a bedroom with 2 siblings as well as sharing a bed with one of them?


My sisters and I shared a small sized bedroom our whole lives. I sleep on the bottom bunk with one of my sisters as the other one would sleep on the top bunk. We are all entering adulthood (ages 16-20) and we are probably not getting our own place within the next probably 6-10 years (REASONING BELLOW). I've been dreaming of my own bedroom my entire life and every day I think I can't take it any more and I hate it so much for so many reasons. There is a room in the basement that I could easily use as a bedroom but my parents won't let me and I feel helpless.

The reason they don't want be to sleep in the room in the basement is because my mom keeps her storage bins in there but there are not that many bins and there are definitely other places to put them but my mom doesn't care. When I mention it she gets really mad at me ugh. I even offered to keep all her storage there and just put a bed for me there but she says she doesn't want a bed in the same room as her storage bins cos she worked hard filling her bins. 

Also we CAN'T MOVE OUT because we live in NYC therefore we'd all need to be doctors to afford anywhere near here and we can't leave the state because we all attend college nearby

Another bed can't be added to the room because the room is way too small to fit this

Also we are definitely NOT poor 


I know I may come off as unappreciative wanting my own bed but please understand my entire life this is all I've ever wanted and dreamed of. I remember being 7 and would sketch out my own bedroom and starred at it for hours pretending it is real. I still go to bed, close my eyes & pretend. My mom asks me "why should you have your own bedroom and not your other sisters" and the reason is they don't spend a good portion of their lives crying about it. I know they don't care nearly as much as I do.

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    Make a compromise. Talk to your sisters and come up with a plan that all of you can agree upon.

    I would suggest that you each get one year in the basement...this way all girls get their own room every three years. Or, maybe every six months.

    After you all come up with an agreement, a solid agreement , then  go to your parents with a solid plan. Plan a spot for the bins so your mom has access to them. Remember, your mom's concerns were about fairness between you girls, so make it fair, all agree and I bet it will work out.

    If there is a separate basement entrance...that can be ultra concerning for parents with three daughters sleeping down there alone. Anticipate that as one of their reasons to say "no" to the bedroom in the basement idea. Therefore, you must anticipate that issue and have a solution. Perhaps a battery operated door alarm would work. Also, if there is no egress (escape route), as in a window, it could be against building and zoning codes to have a bedroom in the basement. In which case  this may be a no-go from the start.

    Trust me, I was raised with three brothers and two sisters. We all learned that compromising was the easiest way to make everyone happy...especially our parents! Parents do not want to hear thrive children fight and fairness is hard on parents who feel like there is no solution. But  if the siblings work out the issues between them, parents are so much more likey to agree. That is how it worked for us. Good Luck!

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    all I gotta say is sleep on the floor dude let the girls have the beds. your a man. dont be humping your sister.

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    1 month ago

    Parents should KNOW THAT.  BEING MORAL.

    The basement is fine, so Mom has another reason why you don't sleep separate.(I for the life of me don't know what that reason is)

    . You don't identify your sex.  If you are a MALE then damn rights you should not sleep with your sisters. That is morally Forked up.

    .  Saying mom is using the downstairs for storage is also B.S. The storage bins can be stacked up to make a perfect wall of sorts to give you a room of sorts.  Wiring up a light bulb is not that hard to do. Lots of You tube videos on it. Or use a desk lamp and an extension cord to an outlet.  I slept in the basement for years. That is where males prefer. And was the only choice. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. She got her own room and the younger brothers slept in bunk beds in the other room. Not a big deal.

    .  If you don't mind me saying(as I am kind of blunt) your Mom is somewhat "KooKoo for Coco puffs"  If she is religious then it is time you talk to the priest, because what you are proposing makes all the sense in the world.

    .  You need at least 1 exit in case of fire and that would be the stairway you entered the basement from. That is acceptable.

  • Jay
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    1 month ago

    The two of you who are 18 and older should move out.  Get jobs at anywhere and get your own place.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'm starting to feel like this may be a troll post. This is at least the second time I've seen this and the answers appear to be the same.  

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    1 month ago

    you should turn her in to CPS.

    one bedroom for 3 kids is against local code and against most cities' laws.

    you will be put in a home that is PLENTY big enough for you and your sibs :)

  • Eva
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    1 month ago

    Get a trundle bed to slide under the bottom bunk. It just pulls out a bedtime and then each of you would have your own bed.  If there isn't a window big enough to crawl out of or an exit door to the outside in the basement, it would be illegal to have a bedroom down there.

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