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If my uncle and his daughter don't speak why does the family say I am responsible to shun the daughter so she forgives her father?

People are insisting on this but I feel it is the daughter and her father's problem and not mine. Family wants me to shun my cousin over it. By family I mean parents, sister, and aunts. The uncle doesn't care but the rest of the family does. Their fight is over years of anger the uncle, her Dad, has shown combined with some alcoholism. Plus he is divorced and she sides with her mother who is not good about forgiving. Something happened, I don't know what, and it was the last straw to her and she has not spoken to him since Christmas last year. 


It doesn't help that her mother, uncle's ex-wife, is a sworn enemy of our families. Her also I have no problem with. 

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    You should not allow your family to draw you into this father-daughter feud. Your family does not appear to be objective about this situation, and you should stay out of it.

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    if somebody has a problem with their relative, that isn't YOUR problem.

    but keep in mind that if you don't take his side, he will likely think you are on hers, since you are talking to her.

    but again, that is THEIR problem. they really shouldn't drag you into it, since it had nothing to do with you.

    it is all just "politics", and i don't involve myself in that...

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