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Is it weird that I find seeing a man weak n in pain very sexy?

I find it really satisfying and almost arousing.. To think of a man crying helplessly n in pain.. Feeling like a loser who nobody loves.

I really like this fantasy of a helpless guy who is helpless n weak n suffering.. Like he's too naive and vulnerable n has no strength.. Helpless n alone n uncared for.. Crying day n night..

N then i help him.. But treat him as a slave. He follows my orders obediently as he's helpless n has no choice but to put up with whatever i decide to do with him.. I don't harm him.. But make him work for me.. Follow my commands like a faithful servant.. While punishing or rewarding him based on how happy he makes me feel.. Like a strict teacher.. If he makes me happy he gets rewards.. If you know what i mean.. I really want to play it out in real life.. It's a dream come true..

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

     crazy feminist rTole everything your typed comes from the mind of a demon so maybe you're not a troll and you're just a demon talking through a human body

  • 2 months ago

    Yes but there are more weird things out there

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