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Anyone had any experience of Sharkbite connectors good or bad?

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    DIY replaced my water heater in Jan 2016 using the HDepot brand. It's in a closet used ofr other things as well, so I watch it for leaks. Absolutely zero so far. And sure beats soldering on new connectors for the modern, screw on braided connector lines. [My old lines were custom fit soldered copper ... and, of course, the new water heater isn't the same exact dimensions as the old one ...].  FOLLOW directions carefully and especialy the part about cleaning up burrs, etc. on your copper lines and you'll be fine.  {PS: if you're doing a water heater, put a drain pan under it while you're there: makes easy to check for leaks instead of finding them when the floor buckles.  -- grampa

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    They are pricey but work perfectly. They are time savers. 

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    They are a bit costly but I use them for all my plumbing.  i started when they first came our and to date no problems.  i use them on copper and PEX.  home delot and lowes have different brands but theyre equally as good.  home depot tends to run a tad cheaper.

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    I have used a couple for splicing into a pipe for my water filter. One of them is equipped with a shutoff valve. Kind of expensive but turned a sweaty job (haha) into a piece of cake. Cleaned the pipes, removed all burrs. No leaks 1 year later.

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    I have had excellent experience with them. They were out for years before I would even touch them. I have alwasy soldered. Didn't trust Pex, didn't trust sharkbite.  Got older and don't trust myself soldering in enclosed tight spaces anymore, can't see all that well, can't bend all that well, time for me to stop doing things that are potentially going to burn my house down. So about a decade back I started using them, easy to use, easy to push in, easy to not push in well enough so mark the distance and make sure you push them on well enough.  No leaks yet, a decade later, I have started going to them and pex fittings more and more, still no leaks, no issues.When I had to switch out my pressure tank for my well, I switched it all over to pex and Sharkbite fittings and tubing. I don't hesitate to go to it anymore, it is so much easier but it is more expensive. 

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