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is this guy realy micro soft?

hi vijay from micro soft caled me this morning when i was working on are coputer. he shown me the problem of the registry (had a bug) i got him dads credit card and he fix it (thank u vijay if u can see this) but not the red fan stoped. i try to call his number back but my pone says we cant do long distance. the fan is emiting an oder and a bad buzing sound!

now this coputer is freshly enginered by sanjay from dell. and dad will break both my arms again if i screwed this up (last one - hp - i hit it with a hamer when mine craft keep frozing on my game) he warns me every day if i mess it up i will never use a keyborn or mouse again.

can ANYONE help me get vijay back in to the computer asap? DAD WILL BE HOME SOON

or can u fix a red fan??

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    first of all, Microsoft doesn't call people.

    second of all, the "your registry is damaged" is the oldest scam in the book. if it were damaged, you would not be able to use Windows. also, registry doesn't "get a bug". that is impossible. you got scammed. call your credit card co. and try to get your money back.

    thirdly, nothing registry related has anything to do with the fan. why don't you just replace the fan?

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    Nice try, clown.  Now crawl back under the rock that you were hiding under.

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    6 months ago

    Hello my friend, namaste. I can fix red fan error for only $249 US Dollars. 

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