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Will I be permanently locked out of my Yahoo and Google accounts if I get a new phone and number and use a new IP address to try to log in?

Whenever I use a new IP address, Yahoo and Google makes me verify that it's me through my phone. When I get a new phone and phone number, can I update my information with Yahoo and Google so I can use my new phone to confirm that it's me signing in and not some random hacker or robot? I know that Google lets you update your phone, and Yahoo probably does as well, but will I actually be able to use the new phone and number to confirm that it is me?

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    No. Your username and password will always be recognized. You may of course be asked for verification. No problem.

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    From your description, you will need to have old phone to verify when signing in and then update account info to use new phone. However, I think two-step verification can be disabled. In that case, before you retire old phone, disable the two-step verification. Then, when you have new phone, update the phone number on account and reinstate two-step verification.

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