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Does wanted to stop illegal immigration, child sex trafficking and dangerous narcotics make Trump "a racist"?

I don't see how these could make him a racist. 


Unless you just wanted them to make him racist so you can call him a racist

Update 2:

Yavan- What vindictive agenda?

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    Child sex traffickers and drug dealers vote Democrat. 

  • Troy
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    6 months ago

    no, Democrats say it okay because they are just brown people, so it racist not to let them have child sex slaves and pre teen drug mules.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No, but saying that makes communists butthurt. They support lenient sentences for child molesters and are leading the gay(pedophile) rights movement. CATO Institute libertarians are controlling the GOP and are pushing to normalize drug use even more than communist Democrats are. Libertarians booed a representative for proposing a ban on selling heroin to 5 year olds. Both sides are fighting against the well being of their own constituents. Trump is a puppet to his donors, just like any other politician. I'll believe his promises when I see them.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Hey, when you believe math, being on time and history are "racist", then anything and everything can be called "racist".

    It makes the word meaningless.

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  • Yavan
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    6 months ago

    No, it's all the stuff he says and does while pursuing that; it is obviously a callous, vindictive agenda, which has conservative Christians salivating, for some reason. And generally a cheap ploy to win conservative overs, so they'll let him have the keys to the treasury.

    What agenda? Family separation. The goal is obviously to cause suffering. Actual trauma in the case of the children.

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