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Should I text him back?

In June this guy texted me saying Hi after ghosting me since January. We were friends with benefits before that. We were good friends but unfortunately and idiotically, I lent him money and he still owes me. It's not a large amount but it's a few hundreds of £. 

In January I asked for it back after he kept ignoring my previous requests for it. I never nagged him or anything. Basically he asked me to hook up with him or no £. I refused but eventually agreed after he kept threatening to never pay me back. We made plans but later that day he cancelled on me and randomly ghosted me since. 

I started a claim to sue him in court for the money in February (court date is delayed because of the pandemic/court issues). So that's ongoing and he knows about it as he got notified when I started the claim. The truth is I accepted that I may never get the money but I just sued him for the hell of it, because I felt wronged. And I want to see it through. I want to win. Maybe that sounds petty, but he hurt me.

I ignored his text in June where he said Hi with an emoji but I've been thinking about him a lot. I know he wronged me and is an overall pain but should I sent him a text saying Hi? I don't know why he's on my mind. I like him and valued our friendship even though he never did. I'll absolutely never hook up with him again though


I'm not a troll. This is an honest question? Serious answers only please.

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  • Topaz
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    6 months ago

    No no no no no. That's not love. He's using you. He won't change.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    He's conned you out of money and you still consider talking to him?

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