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Liberals keep bringing up "equal pay" as a campaign issue, but what specifically do they propose we DO about it?


pay-discrimination is already illegal (per 1964 civil rights act)

we already passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009.

So...what now?

what's the next step?

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    We "DO" what the federal government does about it in federal employment. The federal government has solved the problem quite effectively and sets an example for private industry to follow. Private industry need only follow it.

    It's as simple as paying everyone who has the same job the same wage with equally calculated pay increases for years of experience to compensate those who are better and more experienced more than those who are not. The business then publishes those pay scales so that everybody knows what a given job pays for a new hire and what it pays as time goes on and experience increases. For outstanding performers, there are also annual opportunities to be bumped up an extra step in pay. Everything's above board. Everything's equitable. Equal pay for equal work. 

    So, regardless of sex or race or whatever, a line worker or an administrative assistant or whatever makes $X per hour. In a year, that goes up to $Y per hour. It's a set wage for everyone in that position in the company so that there is no pay inequality.  

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    Equal pay is not an issue because we have had it for decades.. The crying is from women who have not put the same amount of time in or have the qualifications of their higher paid male piers and are jealous because they make less.. 

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    PRIVATE business pay level reflect accumulative time on the job, skills , knowledge culminating in ability to preform

    government can pay more in the event someone is unskilled because there is no productivity to their job that consumers can choose not to utilize... all government is imposed on all citizens and tax taken even if you would not want to fund the chore at hand.,

    the problem is person A. Can be equal in education and years on the job but it does not make them on the same skill level as person B. 

    Who decides on what is equal work done? 

    equal pay is a given already for equal work     ,,, but what is equal work ?

      often people who are given special considerations in job selection because of race, sex etc are less qualified for the job.   

     ME I judge the candidate as if they worked up from the bottom to the top or current job at hand.... others judge based on years of education and number and level of college degrees. 

    I have great doubt about those who went to college got degrees and then move into middle management never worked the workers line  of the very people they will supervise YET today many of those in line for the job in question here ARE not for a job digging trenches for sewer lines,., but top level managers only

    SINCE there are few managers jobs but many ditch digger ,, I would say this argument needs to be reset on common workers not high paid management 

    I ask this.... how many of you feminist are complaining you are not being given jobs pumping sewer lines ? Women for example need to occupy a equal number of bottom nasty jobs before they can really complain about not being allowed to move up the ladder to top sewer guy 

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    The reason "equal pay" is not used in the private sector is because employees are not equal in performance. You know, the thing we are supposedly paid for. That is why most positions offer a "range" in order to pay someone with "more" experience or more education, extra money to retain their services. Money incentivizes productivity, where "equal pay" incentivizes mediocrity. Why does a person on the same job want to work harder than a peer if there is no benefit to do so.

    The military is a prime example where those with skills get paid the same as those without skills if they are the same rank. The typical result is that people join the military to either get skills or experience using their skills in order to leave for the private sector to get paid "much" more and not the same as the janitor of the building because both have been their the same amount of time.

    Equal outcome always destroys an economy, while equal opportunity causes economies to thrive but is dependent on you being motivated and that is typically the dividing point of the haves and have nots.

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    hen a women stops going of sick because of period pain and dont get pregnant an lift the same as a man  , get the ideal .

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    I am a successful woman and I have not encountered this problem. I think the whole Liberal mindset is stuck in the 1960's, perhaps because that is when the Liberals who hold office today were in their youth. The Democratic party is old and way past their prime. They seem to only remember issues from the past. Maybe they are suffering from Dementia. 

    Also, they have been in office countless times, had countless opportunities to correct this so called problem, if it even exists. Why have they not corrected it before now? What have they been doing? If a women encounters this problem, find another company to work for. 

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    Immediate cancellation of any and all contracts with non compliant companies generated by federal, state, and local jurisdictions. An immediate claw back of any and all government funds. Should the companies be unable to produce those funds, all the members of the board of directors, and all administrative executives should be jailed while their assets are frozen and sold off to satisfy the debt. 

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    They propose people get paid the same even when they don't do the same amount of work, or even the same quality of work. Studies show that the gender pay gap is due to the fact that men work longer hours on average, take on riskier tasks, more high pressure work, and take on more overtime. The wage gap closes if they only consider unmarried women who are fully career oriented. It even reverses if you only consider sectors where women perform better, like counseling, dieticians, nutritionists, music, tour guides, etc. Mainly fields where social skills determine the outcomes better.

    Leftists recommend women get paid the same regardless. It's pretty sexist if you think about it. Apparently, they think women can't rise to the same level of performance as men and that women need to be "taken care off," with extra pocket money. They are essentially in favor of a national sugarbaby policy.

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    Pay people equally

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    We should require employers to pay all employees the same equal pay.   It’s called pay equity.  The Lilly Ledbetter  originally proposed this, but it got stripped out.  

    Source(s): Vote Biden.
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    I would just put the top tax bracket back and estate tax over $100 million? 

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