can someone give me positive encouragement to take lyft at any price. just can u say somethng positive and sweet. I always overthink thx:)?

i have to take lyft. i dont know why i worry about it so much.

Me having  a job is more important than the damn lyft.

So please for someone who overthinks if the lyft is worth it..etc just some encuraging words.

also how can i get a lyft around 6 am, because the earliest i can get one is usally 730 am ;

I am going to tak the most expensiv.

I just have to take it daily.

just to alewife. then i cn figire out

I want to take the job at dollar general.


ps. i have to tak it daily. I have to get over this ridiciolous over thinking

Basically i only want to focus on the job puruit

I dont want to worry that wll lyft come , is t expensive. ALL THIS BULLSHIT CLEARLY GOT ME NOWHERE.

for time being i have to take. ANd i need to take it EArly because it taks almost an 1 and 15 all toghtet.

Update 2:

for time being i have to take lyft. I Worry too much about it. losing my mind is worse than lyft.

Its just the lyft often doesnt come at the time i want but IM really excited,i just want to focus on getting a fun job then the lyft.


Update 3:

im senstive about things thats why i ovethink..

but I have to do it.

 just seeing if anyone here relates thanks.

in my area even i request it at 6;00 it comes 7;20am.

if i try the lux will it come faster?

I want to make a schedule...

see i dont discuss these things and Backfire on myself.

Update 4:

also how to convince the employer that taking a lyft from concord is effeciant and realiable..Because will ask me defiently wll ask me during interview or followup. In past it was a huge no . BEcause its too far and i just dont want to relive those wounds..........

Just want to focus on now. Please take me serious.

If u stop judging u will see my sincerity and honestly. Total honesty

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