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I used to get excited about many farm jobs or simple jobs in the past, but the lyft worry ruined everything. So im not atroll thx.?

ive gone through a lot. I have a fear of driving i never got my liscense.

thanks best regards.


se ei dont want to lie. Once i didnt get the boston Jobs like viking cruise and stuff, i decided to look anything. ( even for boston job i would need lyft, because carpooling was not an oprion. FOr school carpoolng works but jobs they need u at any hours, and early hours, and i was deadly afraid of the alarm. With boston job I was under impression i could get an apartment etc.

SO anyways ..thats the reasoning. Thats why NOW i WANT TO FIGHT THOSE NONSESNE fears BEcause this site is COMPLETEwaste

Update 2:

like i just want to worry about my own purpose. And I dont drive THats a reality...I cant change that. THats why. I am just clarfiying all this so people dont think its a troll question.

thx tc

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