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How do I deal with a bad tinder date?

I was on tinder, and this gorgeous girl was matched to me. I've been on there for months, and I've never see a woman so beautiful. Trying my luck, I messaged her, and by the grace of God she agreed to meet. I was so excited. I got a nice outfit, and picked her up from her apartment to bring her to mine. Seeing her in person didn't do her profile picture justice. I've never seen a girl more lovely. We went back to my apartment, and we hung out. Watched Netflix, cooked a meal, it was great. At this point, I felt a real connection, and she felt it too. I asked if she wanted to go to the bedroom, and she got all red and said no. She said she liked me and wanted to, but something would make it difficult. I thought maybe a stoma bag or a scar. I responded, saying I love anyone no matter what. She said she had to use the bathroom and I told her where it was. I had a feeling something was going to happen, so I went to my bedroom right next door to get condoms and lube. I got it, but I noticed the door was open, and saw the seat was up. To my horror, my date had a veiny penis, it was at least 8 inches long. Upon this discovery, I yelled at him to get out of my house, and that he needs serious help. Why do people trick others like this? 

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     That sounds odd as heck, like I'm not sure how he thought he could hide or play it off. Eventually he'd be discovered. So sorry ppl can be deceitful but he got a nice meal out of it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I would have checked it out I suppose 

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