I am a US/UK Dual citizen currently residing in the UK. I have lived here for five years now. A family member in my household has received a Stimulus check with President Trump's name on it. He is in the same situation as myself and is going to deposit it. For someone who has experience in this field or is in a similar situation can you advise me on what to do ? Should my family member deposit it and if so should I contact the IRS to get a check in my nam routed to my UK address or is that potentially opening a can of worms ? I have very little experience dealing with matters of this nature and would really appreciate some expert advice. To generalize, I'm asking If I'm entitled to receive this check and if so who should I contact or even if I should contact anyone ? They don't have my address in the states and I've been over in the UK for years. Thanks so much for any advice offered !


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  • danxp2
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    5 months ago

    Yes your family member should deposit the check, assuming they aren't dead, are an adult  and were not claimed as a dependent by another family member. If your family member is married to a non-us citizen that might disqualify them... but if they sent the check thst hurdle should be crossed. Residency in another country does not stop you from collecting the stimulus money.

    A usa citizen is supposed to file a tax return for all the income they earn every year, regardless of where they live, where they work, or how they earned it. If you had been filing the annual return the IRS should send you a stimulus check like they did for your family member. The IRS took the information from the returns filed and sent out checks/direct deposits. 

    It seems likely you have not been filing tax returns since you state they don't have your UK address in the USA. This will eventually catch up to you could be tomorrow, 5 years from now, 20 years from, or maybe you forever live in the UK and die before they find you. 

    I don't know your income situation. There is a good possibility that your back taxes for 5 years are due greater then the 1,200 you stand to gain. It is a tax credit so if you qualify to receive it, if you file a 2020 tax return in february to april of 2021 then you claim it then. Filing that return might raise a flag why other returns have not been filed though. With the foreign earned income credits maybe all you need to do is file the returns. 

    You are entitled to the check if you are a citizen, single or married to a US citizen, filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return with the IRS, were/are an adult, could not get claimed as a dependent by someone else, made less then 99,000 US dollars or less then 198,000 jointly with spouse if married. At this point to get the money wait until 2021 February-April and file a tax return claiming the credit then since you have not yet recieved the check. 

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