What’s going on with my Brain ?

My Brain is not working properly I am taking Lexapro I was taking Sertraline

Why do I Worry a lot about something Most of the time I need to tell my My Brain to Stop it just get out of control I am taking Lexapro because Sertraline didn’t help no more so I am taking Lexapro in the morning 10 Mg and taking Sertraline at night 50 Mg to Tamper off Sertraline I Hope Lexapro helps me


Its call taper not tamper 

Update 2:

It’s Called Taper not Tamper 

Update 3:

Tampering I mean 

1 Answer

  • LAN
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Same as every other time you post this attention whoring rant.  You are stupid and think that posting this idiocy gets you the attention you are so desperate for.

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