I’m having problems with my Ethernet cable.?

I have a wired connection from my router to my Xbox One with a Cat5 Ethernet cable. It runs from my basement all the way to the second floor. Usually I get pretty fast internet, about 30-50 ms ping on average. However, about every 20 minutes to an hour, I get a complete input shutdown where I remain in game but I’m not uploading or downloading anything to or from the game server. This basically causes me to remain frozen in place for about a minute. Sometimes I continue on in the game once it’s passed but other times I get completely kicked, sent to the home screen and am told that I have no internet connection. Every time this happens I just unplug and plug back in the cable and I have internet. To add, this never happens when I’m on a wireless connection, sometimes just spikes in ping to about 200ms and that’s it. Does anyone know how to solve this problem or know a way so that I don’t get kicked and have to unplug the cable?

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  • 5 months ago

    to the second floor from the router and it works...impressed. Longest run for cat5 is about 100ft but when you get any sort of long run it will be sketchy. Easiest fix is if its working get a switch at each end, a cheap 5 port one of amazon for like 15 each, these are designed to boost the connection and should solve the issue (you will need 2 short ethernet cables to link the routers one to the modem the other to the xbox. The router your internet give you are really quite bad at this and to do a long run is asking allot of it on its own.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    It's more likely to be an issue with the router than the cable. One thing you could check with the cable is that it's not running near any electrical cables or lights, as this can cause interference.

    There's no magic cure for a misbehaving router. Sometimes, the problem can be resolved with a firmware updates, and sometimes you just need to buy a new one with more RAM. If a lot of other people in your house are using devices at the same time, enabling QoS options in the router may address some of the problems.

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