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Film - I can't remember its name for the life of me!!!?

It's a period movie (1900s - 1930s?). It is about an upper class white family that has a daughter who is very close to her maid (no it's not The Help, read on). The girl falls in love with a boy and gets pregnant but is made to have an abortion by her mother. The maid pleads the mother to let the daughter keep the child but as the family is of high status the mother does not agree. The girl becomes sick post procedure and dies. I recall Regina Hall to play the role of the maid. She was really good. I can't remember any one else. I have checked and peeled the internet for the name of the film and I have not been able to find it. It is possible that it's a tv movie. I think the movie was released in the 2000's maybe and I caught it on HBO about 15 years ago. 

If someone can give me a whiff of it even a plot or a book it might be from I would be grateful. 


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    Basil with Claire Forlani

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