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Can having an older update of Windows 10 mess with wifi?

I use Rogers 5G wifi and quite a while ago my wifi has been getting pretty bad because although speed tests say that I have 500 mb/s download and around 60 mb/s upload, I still have high ping. I also have a somewhat outdated version of Windows 10 which I'm unsure of if it's the problem but is a possibility.

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    You don't have 5G WiFi, you have 5Ghz WiFi. 5G is a cellular technology. 5ghz WiFi is 802.11x WiFi in the 5Ghz radio spectrum. High ping latency is related to how many hops your packets go through to get to your destination and back. Microwave links and satellites introduce a lot of latency. The problem isn't necessarily on your end of the connection either. If the server you are pinging is overseas you will see higher latency, too.  

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