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How many VPN’s will make it a difficult job to trace a hacker on the internet?

I know that the police can contact the VPN company for the logs. Imagine the hacker hides himself with multiple VPN’s. How many VPN’s will make it too difficult for the hacker to be traced? Despite the difficulties, will it still be possible?

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    A good vpn it only takes one.  Most good vpn will not log anything and give options for payment in a way which is as untraceable as possible.

    Just be aware of what you do, theres has been cases where they were able to link logins via username to another service such as email to a specific person even over a vpn.

    A vpn does not always give 100% security if you use other services that expose information.

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    Police can approach VPN services but they'll get no information unless they have a court order demanding that the police be given access.

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    1 month ago

    None. Despite their claims, VPN providers can't resist the temptation of monitoring your activity, and selling the data to whoever wants to buy it. That's life.

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    well first off, make sure your VPN doesnt keep logs thats first, the good ones dont, which is why you have one. The point of paying for a VPN is to hide your location thats a bit mute if they keep a log anway, a few of the big ones have fallen foul of this. After you find one without logs your pretty safe, that IP you use will be shared between 1000s of users.

    After this its down to what you were doing as to how much effort they put in, if your simply torrenting, odds are they will just send your VPN host a cease and desist and leave it at that its not worth the time to take them to court. If your doing something worst, say harrassing or hacking an institution, its down to how the authorities see what you did as to how much time and money they spend tracing you. If you commit a crime or loose them allot of money they may take the time to hire someone to trace you, it can be done.

    Most of the time though with a vpn with no logs you only need the one.

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