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Jacob Trembalay should've have gotten some reward for Room? ?

I like Brie Larson and just found out about her bc of Captain Marvel but honestly she barely spoke in the entire movie in "Room" All she did was sleep and look sad. I don't understand how that was Oscar worthy. If anybody I think the little guy should've gotten it. I mean he was six and was able to covey so much raw emotion. No offense but Brie's character didn't really do enough. Did Jacob receive anything because I don't know the age requirements and qualifications for getting an oscar but I honestly felt if it was between him and Brie, he should've gotten it.

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    'Room' was kind of his breakout role. I personally have developed mixed feelings about giving huge awards - such as Academy Awards or Golden Globe awards out to children, especially when they have very few movies under their belt.

    Not always but often times a child's acting is different than an adult's. Jacob Tremblay was very believable in 'Room' and no doubt perfectly cast for it, but I don't think his performance has the complexity/depth of many performances by older actors. Because he's young, it's really not expected of him. In a lot of movies and TV series the key is to just "be", to say the lines, etc. Most British period piece dramas have unknown actors playing simple roles and are very, very believably from another time period - but that's not the kind of breathtaking performance the Oscars, etc. are meant for.

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    He did give a good performance in that movie.  Just doing a quick Wikipedia search...  He was nominated and did win various awards for the movie, just not a Oscar.

    "Wonder" is another movie that he was in where he gave a great performance.  I personally think it was better than "Room."  More lighthearted anyway.

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