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What's wrong with Netflix's DVD mailing service?  Why is it taking so long to get DVDs now?

When Blockbuster shut down, I jumped onto the Netflix DVD mail service to continue being able to rent movies.  When I first joined, I would get a new DVD within 2 days of sending out the one I had.  Eventually, it slowly started to take 3 days, then 4.  For the past several months, however, when I mail back a DVD, it takes OVER A ******* WEEK to get a new one!  What the hell?!  What the **** is going on at Netflix?!

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    I sell books online and ever since covid they sometimes get delayed for longer periods of time, recently I had a book delayed for over a month, but usually it’s only a stopped for a couple days at one post office and then resumes being sent out. That’s probably exactly what’s happening to your DVDs. Also according to an article I read, Netflix used to have 50 dvd distribution centers in the US and in 12 years have lowered that number to 17. So maybe that’s effecting you if one closed recently, but I can’t find an article saying one has been closed in the last year. 

  • 2 months ago

    There are likely several possibilities...

    1. The post office isn't able to make deliveries as quickly as they did prior to covid.

    2. Netflix might be closing down some of their distribution centers (since people aren't doing the dvd-by-mail program as much as they did in the past), so the dvds have to travel farther.

    3. There aren't enough movies in your queue for them to ship one from a close enough distribution facility.

  • Orla
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    2 months ago

    Nothing is wrong. I just got my new Netflix movie in the mail today...Joe Vs The Volcano .

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