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Working via remote access - does this mean my work can now see my personal computer?

Or does it just mean they can see the remote access program? Which is the desktop from work I believe

Thank you


Ithe software appears to be a RDS Broker and the remote access is a windowed program, is it just what is inside the window Taht is recorded? 

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    Since you are concerned you should ask your workplace what they can see so that you can move all your questionable material and activity to somewhere they can not see. 

    For us we signed an Internet usage agreement that spelled out exactly what the company can see while you are online.  It says we can see everything you do once you connect to the work network.  We can see every website you visit, every link you click on, and how long you spend on each site.  We can see every file you open, every email you look at, and everything you work on and how long you spend on each task.  At the end of the month we print an activity report that your manager reviews.  They flag any behavior that violates your agreement and bring you into their office to go over your activity.  It really surprised me when someone was fired for viewing adult websites while they were connected to the company network.

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