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Why do people who volunteer their time to save lives receive no recognition?

For example at my university, we have a volunteer program that hardly anyone is involved in where we go to homeless shelters and hospitals as nursing students to help the needy. The University never even recognizes our efforts and most people have never heard of our organization at the school. Yet if the business school gets a 100k donation from an alumni, you hear about it every day for weeks by email thanking the donator and having parties to celebrate, etc etc.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    people that volenteer their time do receive recognition. you've been getting the smile in your face...da da ...those backstabbers  that the sixties muscians wrote about.

    Ive been renting in a inner city now for a little over two years and Ive constantly seeing it where you volenteers are lead by the nose by brownnosing scammers then the scammers go rip off the elderly and attack what appears to be homeless street people.

    Sorry but your going to have to do more than wander around thinking everything is grand. you really need backbones.

  • 5 months ago

    I worked for six months as a volunteer intern with the city of Los Angeles and single handedly helped dozens of businesses go through the permitting process during the height of the Great Recession.  All I got for it was a dumb ceremonial letter to display in my office.

  • ?
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    5 months ago

    I don't wish to downplay your contribution, and I agree you should be given some kind of recognition, but you must admit that a 100k donation is BOUND to attract a lot more attention than turning up to help people at hospitals.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Because we avoid the accolades I did not help people for money or Praise  I helped because I could  I remember fighting Bush Fires and the WVS turned up with what looked like a NAAFI van with tea and Biscuits that was the best Payment

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  • garry
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    5 months ago

    usually volunteers fall under good samaritins , not paid for there work , thats why they volunteer for , not paid for , or else there not volunteers .

  • 5 months ago

    People who volunteer generally don't do it for pats on their backs, but because they care. However, in your organization's situation, it appears from what you say here that nobody knows you exist! Volunteers need to talk to fellow students, see if they would be interested in helping out too. Your organization's members first task is become better known, recruit more volunteers, get more involvement.

    Meanwhile, I'm sure the people you help are genuinely grateful, whether they are good at expressing that or not. Keep up the good work!

  • 5 months ago

    maybe there are truly the people have altruism, however, i still think there are lots of people do this to because what is popular or what is told to do.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Frankly I don't know why you are a university student. What you said is gibberish.

    People who are admitted to a hospital might be needy as you put it, or might not be needy.

    Homeless people who go to homeless shelters are needy.

    I never heard of the volunteer program at your university. Recognition is not something that Nurses, and Doctors should be seeking. Because this is not part of their jobs.

    I saved a life before, and my actions ONLY helped to save a life. I didn't get any recognition, and I didn't look, for it either. I am not a Doctor, or Nurse, so I didn't have to save a life, but I did it anyways. Because I wanted to. :)

    It seems that you don't understand what Nurses are suppose to do, so I am going to assume that the university you are attending has failed to PROPERLY teach you.

    Nurses work under Doctors. Doctors are the ones who save lives, and that's the truth. My life was saved by 3 Doctors. :)

    When I was admitted at the hospital, the nurses were caring, for me, but they didn't save my life. My life was in danger three times by the way.

    Since you mentioned about the hospital then I decided to speak about it. Because it seems to me you don't understand those type of jobs.

    I went to the hospital many times, but I think only 3 times my life was in danger.

    I am familiar with what Nurses are suppose to do. I went to school to study PSW, and I was in class rooms with a lot of females. Some were Nurses, and some were PSW's. The nurses had a larger course, but I was not able to finish my course. Because one of my female instructors wanted to flunk me.

    I still learned a thing, or two from taking a PSW course. I am a male by the way.

    I think PSW's are suppose to work under Nurses, so there is chain as you can see, but if I remember correctly the chain is larger than what I said.

    Regarding what I did in my course, for other people well I never looked, for any recognition.

    I do in fact have a higher education, and I did finish school, but my specialty isn't in the health, or medical industry.

    Lastly I went to 7 different schools in my entire life.

  • John
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    5 months ago

    On one hand, you should not expect praise and recognition in return for doing good deeds.  Conversely, if you took advantage of methods to bring attention to your organization's accomplishments, more people would join.  That would increase your club's ability to help more people.  You should write articles about your organization and submit them to the student newspaper, start social media pages, and the like.

    On your campus, there is most likely a large number of students majoring in marketing and communications.  Getting some of those students to help your organization with publicity will help your club grow, and will also give those students something to put on their resume when they graduate.

  • 5 months ago

    the B school is hoping to encourage more donors, of course.  Your volunteer program needs a sponsor who donates money ... that'll get attention

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