Fix Stripped Lamp Base?

I bought a lamp online and put it together. I realized I missed a step and took it apart. It’s a floor lamp so you twist the long poles together. Tried to put it together again and the pole at the base will no longer secure tight because I must have stripped it. How can I fix this? I haven’t even gotten to use this brand new floor lamp yet because of this.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    This is hardly sufficient information to make a  useful diagnosis.  What sort of material is it ?  I would hope that the pole at least is metal, in which case I doubt that you would have stripped it (by hand, anyway - did you use any tools on it ?) .  If any part is plastic then you might have damaged it, in which case you would need a rigid-setting filler paste to secure the pole firmly (but be aware that you would probably be stuck with it forever - you would not be able to dismantle it again).

  • 1 month ago

    Wrap Teflon tape, the kind plumbers use. Around the threads of the one pole and then screw it together.  the extra material should tighten it up.

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