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Layout ideas for living room with weird extra space? ?

The living room now feels a little crowded with everyone plus the three dogs. (#3 is a new addition.) We have two dining rooms technically, a small and a big one, neither of which we use bc we eat on the couch... So I’m guessing we can get rid of the small dining table and utilize that area as part of the living room, but it’s a little separated from the rest by the walkway to back door, so I’m not sure how to bring it together... I’m not good at this stuff, so should I move the TV where the small dining is and have all the couches face the TV? (And move all the cords in front of back door and cant watch TV while cooking?) 

Or should I put the TV where the big couch is and move the couches around so you can still see the TV from every direction...? 

Any helpappreciated, I don’t know how to organize with this random extra space, but I want to use the space... 


(Layiut idea in the comments) 

Update 2:

It’s not drawn to scale; the couches now are pressed up against each other so its a small living room.. 

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    If I were you I'd keep everything the way it is, but (a) I'd confine the three dogs to the small dining table (just tie them up so they can't move), (b) use the rug to cover the dogs, (c) transfer the love seat and the TV on top of the big dog kennel, and (d) turn the recliner upside-down to create the illusion of a modernist sculpture which will amaze your friends. Hope this helped.

  • you  got  way  too  much  room … sell  your  house  and  live  in  a  cardboard  box … that  will  solve  all  your  problems!

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    Layout idea here... 

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