My gaming external Hard drive keeps crashing.?

When I play a game its different issues for some reason, I don't know if my other question is visible but feel free to take a look if it would help. Currently Im playing Skyrim on a external hardrive WD element it was fine at first for a couple of hours then randomly it started crashing after the connect noise you get when you put something in the USB. I changed the wire so i doubt that is it and i don't know if it does it with any other games i deleted a lot on it so it wouldn't be hard to find and  i followed just about ever easily fine able answers for it

1 Answer

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    5 months ago

    external drives are not designed for gaming. hard drives are already the slowest part of a gaming computer. external storage is doubly slow, because there is extra logic to connect it to the computer, instead of an internal drive, which connects directly to the chipset.

    externals are NOT designed for gaming.

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