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Why are students always disrespectful to substitute teachers?

For the longest time students are always mean to substitute teachers I get that is not your every day regular teacher but the regular teacher cant always be their 24/7 maybe he/she is sick maybe the teacher has family issue. When I use to be in school I remember the students were mean to a substitute teacher they were making fun of the substitute teacher I never did though I just mind my own business & do the work that our regular teacher would tell us to do before the regular teacher was gone for a day but I herd that you have to be a substitute teacher 1st before you can level up to be a full time teacher because I know someone who is trying to become a teacher & she is just a substitute teacher for now. I dont think I ever want to become a teacher knowing their will be rude students that will straight up try to talk down on you thinking they know everything or even bully you & I think being a teacher is hard to because I also herd you have to buy your own supplies for the class like papers folders stuff that students need & dont care about I can agree why teachers wants higher raise. 

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    I pulled one’s pants down and gave another a wedgie

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    maybe causethey know they wont have to see them again

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