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why does Spetrum not tell you that your payment was declined?

I have Spectrum cable.

I recently had to get a new credit card since my old one was worn and broken. Therefore getting another one printed from my bank caused some credentials on it to change, therefore making my old card inert. 

 I forgot to update my credit card on Spectrums website and they gave me no word that my credit card was being declined. To add insult to injury they never did disable my cable service but kept it going even 3 months after my credit card kept declining the monthly payment.

I just remember it and went online the last minute and had to pay a whopping $500 due to Spectrum secretly stacking one bill on another. They never informed me or even gave me a warning. The only thing that was given was (after three months) a splash screen saying "please pay your cable bill" on the tv. 

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