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How many of you actually believe the U.S. government is trying to control America?

I mean, actually controlling our lives, with coronavirus for example. It's practically a 99% survival rate if you're under the age of 65. There are some wicked and odd people in our government but what proof do we have that we're actually turning into a "communist" country? Do you think that would happen to the U.S.? They shut down farms in the U.S. apparently as well and I've seen some say that they just don't know what to eat. I'm planning on joining the U.S. Army and I've also seen others say the government makes up their own agenda and tries to start wars for no reason. Is that true?

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  • Sally
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    1 month ago
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    There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there but it's your responsibility as an adult and a citizen to learn how to fact-check with reliable sources so that you can be a good American.

  • Liz
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    1 month ago

    “The naive person believes every word, but the shrewd one ponders each step.”—Prov. 14:15.

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