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serious responses only: would it be fine to only eat jello to lose weight? ?

i think this unhealthy and i probably won’t do it but when i had surgery they only fed me jello once a day and water and i lost a lot of weight. so maybe i could do that again? not a troll btw i’m serious

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    No. Your body needs NUTRITION. After surgery people are given jello because it's easy on the stomach. The way to lose fat and keep it off is to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, and stick with it. No gimmicks. Avoid processed foods. To lose fat consume fewer calories than your body uses. Once you hit your goal weight, up your calorie intake to a maintenance level.

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    Lets break this down, you did a starvation diet and lost alot of weight, past tense. So you put it all back on again when you stopped eating only Jello? That's exactly why it won't work and is a bad idea.

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