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Should I upgrade the PC or buy an Xbox One?

So I currently have this system which I built myself back in 2011 or so:

CPU: C2D E8400.

GPU: HD 7790 (1GB).

Mobo: Gigabyte P45 (GA-EP45-DS3L)

RAM: 2 x 4GB @ 1,333MHz. 

Chassis: Antec NSK4480 (very old with 1x 80mm front and 1x 120mm rear fans).

PSU: Corsair CX430 (pathetic, I know). 

I've four options:

1. Get a Core 2 Quad Q9650 for $40 (best deal I could find) and OC it to the moon.

2. Buy a Core 2 Extreme QX6700 (only 2.6GHz) for $20 and... OC it to stratosphere.

3. Sell the mobo and CPU (there's still demand for P45s!) and get a Xeon E3-1270 (i7-2600) for $40 + an H67 for $25. Then there's E3-1220 (i5-2400) for $20. I'm not sure if HT on the i7 is worth it for gaming?

4.  Forget everything and pick an Xbox One for $150 and live happily ever after? Although, it's GPU is almost on par with my HD7790 which raises a few concerns!

Speaking of which, I'm thinking about picking up a GTX770 2GB for 75 bucks although I'm not sure if my PSU is up to the mark!

So, any ideas?

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    The 2nd system I built had an e8400, 8gb of RAM which everyone said was too much back then, and a Radeon HD4830. I upgraded that system a couple years later because someone gave me a HUGE discount on the i7-920 and an EVGA x58 motherboard.

    1. NO.... even if you overclock you still won't have enough CPU power for some modern games. But if you want to try you can get a modded Xeon x5450, x5460, or x5470. However, your motherboard isn't stellar for overclocking and you'll need a CPU cooler. You should be able to hit 4.2ghz to 4.5ghz if the board can handle it. 

    2. Even worse. The best 65nm parts could only hit 3.6ghz and that is the C0 Stepping q6600. You'll still need a good CPU cooler.

    3. Yes, Hyperthreading is worth it for those old quad-core processors. The days of a straight i5 Quad-Core being good enough ended in 2016. Back in 2014 when the Haswell refresh processors were around, the people that picked a Core i7-4790k over the Core i5-4690k aren't regretting it, and the people who picked the i5 are. Gamers Nexus just ran a piece about a myth of Ryzen processors being smoother than Intel, and this came from people upgrading their old i5 system to Ryzen.

    4. I don't know about ever after but you'll get a few years out of it because the new consoles are coming out in a few months. After 2-3 years, Game Developers will focus on making games for the new consoles. The only thing that can be said is Games will be better optimized for an XBox than they would for a PC with a Core i7-2600 and HD7790.

    Food for thought, just a couple months ago I bought an old system with a Core i7-920, Asus P6X58-Premium motherboard, 12gb of RAM, GT 240, 1tb HDD, and a Corsair TX750 power supply for $100. I replaced the GT 240 with a RX 570, and I replaced the i7-920 with a Xeon x5675 which is an overclocking monster. Sometimes you'll find someone who is practically giving away their old system or parts for next to nothing.

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    It really depends I don't like consoles because there locked down and you can't mod games. But the xbox series x is coming out soon which means the xbox one will be outdated soon which can be a good thing as you will likely be able to get video games dirt cheap like the xbox 360 know.

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