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Pathetic Fallacy in novels?

What do you think of it?

When the weather matches someone's mood. Do you like it or does it feel cliche and cheesy? 

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    I have recently moved away from a place where it's overcast about 280-300 days a year. It definitely impacted my mood, and everyone else's. There's a literal joy in seeing a bright color when the whole world seems to be grey and taupe. I know lots of people with light boxes to treat seasonal affective disorder.

    This place is colder, but the sun shines at least half the time, maybe more. I'm gloomy less even though I'm cooped up. (Because I'm writing this post on a sunny morning, I checked the weather at the old place. Overcast. Surprise, surprise.)

    As someone already said, it can be a cliche, or a lazy shortcut for the writer who doesn't know how to establish mood, but done well, it can totally work.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Bleak House uses the pathetic fallacy from the outset (most Dickens novels do)  - “The raw afternoon is rawest, and the dense fog is densest, and the muddy streets are muddiest near that leaden-headed old obstruction, appropriate ornament for the threshold of a leaden-headed old corporation, Temple Bar”  - he could have just said the weather was not very nice but it tells us more: attributing all these characteristics to the conduct of the law in the Chancery Court of the City of London - and Jandyce and Jarndyce in particular. 

  • Tina
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    2 months ago

     If it works do it. If it doesn't don't. Your writing, your choice.

  • Andrew
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    2 months ago

    It's scientific fact that weather can and does influence a person's mood. Have you ever lived in a place where it rains every day for weeks or months on end? Or a place where winter is brutally cold and incredibly long? Grey skies and constant rain, bitter cold and heavy snow, those things can definitely affect one's mood. I don't see anything wrong with it so long as it's done well. 

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