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Is the fact that democrats can run Biden/Harris with a straight face proof that blacks will bend over and take whatever democrats give them?

Biden- the guy who wrote the laws that BLM is rioting in the streets over

Kamala- A racist former DA who refused to prosecute cops who killed minorities


@Rod-That would be like saying a person can't write a book they can only write a manuscript because it doesn't become a book until it's published. 

The actual words that are in the law were written by Biden. You're playing semantics if you claim anything different. 

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  • Tropos
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    1 month ago

    Hey bud, are you supplying the gas and lighting it as well?

  • rodcom
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    1 month ago

    Biden, who never wrote any laws, he wrote the senate portion of the bill which came from the house.  You cannot write laws, only bills.  The president turns them into laws after he signs them.

    Kamala - doing her job according to the law regardless of his ethnicity, which shows she has legal ethics.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Now, now. Try to calm down. Have some chamomile tea. The men will be there soon.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Harris dropped out of the primaries because she had no support, terrible choice by Biden.

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