I need help with threadworms/Pinworms?

I might have had these worms for years but only recently i saw them, ever since then ive taken the medication for them (im not sure what it is) and i feel like it just doesn't work.

I had Medicine once then a couple of days later the itching came back, i waited until 2 weeks to have it again. Once again it worked for a little bit but then came back.

Now i have had a 3rd dosage of it over the span of maybe 7-8 weeks. But after i go to the bathroom i always itch and its annoying me beyond belief.

Do i have so many threadworms or do they keep coming back?

Please help, i have had so much trouble with this


Before anyone says its in my head and i'm imagining it.

No, its not, its driving me crazy

1 Answer

  • Etta
    Lv 5
    4 months ago

    As well as using the medication you have to wash all bedding and nightwear to make sure there is nothing left that you can get again

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