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What do you think of his choice?

The guy I like had a troubled past due to war and as a result of it he became a soldier, he says it's the only job he has ever thought of, that it's the meaning of his life to fight for his country. He has no parents, has no one to look after him. I also asked him why exactly this choice, if his country never gave him anything? He said just the thought of fighting to defend it it's what keep him alive after all. He also did 6 months in prison just for defending some women and kids blocked in a ship. He's really idealistic, but who is going to do the same for him? He does so much, helped people and fights human trafficking, but what if he is shot?

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    The military and the VA has some great mental health doctors, if he is not acvtive, get him to the VA. If he is active, you ca send a letter to his commanding officer in care of his address, just address it to the commanding Officer. You can ask him to have him evaluated, and ask that your letter not be told to your friend.

  • M
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    Choice I think is not the correct word. I think they call it a calling. Why join the Priesthood knowing you will never have sex or children.  It's a calling you have to answer.  Some say people are born with this or develop a calling due to life's experiences. 

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