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Why am I hearing faint sounds?

From my room I swear I here these sounds... I open up the door and investigate to find nothing. I thought music was playing too but I was wrong again. I've been going through a lot recently which caused stress. It's always music, conversations I can barely make out, and all sorts of noises like a clunk or hair dryer for example. It's barely noticeable but it's becoming a real issue with walking to see what the noise could be but nothing is there. 

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    I understand that you're under a lot of stress, but that doesn't mean that your stress is giving you auditory hallucinations. It may be that because of stress you're getting worked up about something that normally you don't think about. 

    This article explains what's called Apophenia.

    "Apophenia occurs when the brain searches for patterns in ordinary objects. Have you ever looked at the clouds and seen an animal figure? Or seen the face of your favorite actor on a piece of toast? Our brains want to make sense of our surroundings and therefore sometimes creates patterns where there are none."

    Normally a house is making faint noises. The refrigerator and the heating system make very quiet noises but normally we pay no attention to them. Apophenia is your mind turning noise into signals - music or conversation.

    A difference between apophenia and auditory hallucination is that with hallucinations you hear very distinct words, like a voice saying, "Don't do that." I'm guessing that you can't make out any words.

    The article also mentions something that people who are hard of hearing sometimes experience.

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    It is normal to hear faint sounds right now as you are participating in a study to determine how you react to such stimuli.  The notes from the observation team have been most enlightening and we look forward to see how you react to the next round of stimuli.  It will be interesting to see what effect revealing that you are part of a study has on the next round of observations.  My advice is to relax and enjoy the rest of the study.

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