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What's going on with my co-worker? ?

We recently got a new hire at my job overnight. He's a bit slow when it comes to his work speed. However he seems a bit off in general. He's 33 shows no resemblance of down syndrome but his behavior is abnormal. For example he will often laugh for no reason. Another instance he was standing in front of a table full of different foods and he shuffled his hands fast over everything. He apologized and walked away. We advised him that it's okay and that he can have whatever he wants from the table to eat. He responded with something along the lines of "nah it's okay id rather not. I wouldn't want to create choas or confusion"

The second night he came in we were waiting outside until our boss came and let us inside the store, and he was throwing round house kicks at the air. Not to cause harm or anything he was laughing and looking at each of us. Looked like he was just having a bit of fun until last night came. As we were leaving he legitimately drop kicked his entire body on the floor, landing on his back. His arms crossed as he was laughing. Stood up and kept going as if nothing happened. Again he seems like a ordinary person. Somewhat intelligable. However has very unusual behavior. We aren't scared of him causing harm to others but more to himself. We spoke about his actions with our boss. I was just curious as to what he may be dealing with or what illness he may suffer from.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to advise my manager to proceed cautiously

Update 2:

@ judy and charlie.  He will hold eye contact and when conversing he sounds a bit more educated then the average person. He has strong ideals and morals as well. Very respectful. Each day he greets you calls you Mr. Mrs. Sir. Etc he's also religious as well. I'm not sure if that helps or not. He doesn't seem to talk to himself either. People here assume I'm trolling but I'm genuinely concerned and want to assist him. Other co- workers of mine won't hesitate to throw him under the bus 

Update 3:

Im one of the more reliable employees and I'd like to be able to vouch for him in such a case. Hes working two jobs now that he started overnight with us. I figured at first maybe he was just tired or stressed. All of us tend to relate. Working overnight and actually doing hard labor would have the same result on anyone. You can choose to believe me or not but I only asked to better know how to interact with him. I wouldn't want him to feel uncomfortable

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    It sounds like a form of autism.  They appear normal, but their brain processes information differently than other people, which can cause the behavior patterns you describe.

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    Somewhat intelligable? 

    Do you know what intelligible means? 

    He's either mentally ill or shows the effects of his street drug usage, or his mother's street drug usage.

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    These are obvious symptoms of psychosis.

    Maybe the guy was able to hold it together for his interview and maybe he is able to hold it together for most or part of his shift.

    Is this guy able to hold eye contact with you during a conversation and is he able to carry on an intelligent conversation?

    I would be tempted to ask him who he is kicking at, does he hear voices, does he see things that "disappear" or that others cannot see.

    He sounds schizophrenic.

    And he can be odd but even if he is mentally ill, he has a right to work and support himself.  But if he hurts someone or even himself with a fall, then his employer has to step in.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys!!! 

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    Why do you keep posting this idiocy over and over instead of working on your own problems?  Grow up.

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    He may have been a special education student with a low IQ

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    This guy is a troll. He has at least 3 accounts. He sometimes comes off as a woman.

    This guy has  had every problem you could think of. Bad bosses, HR sleeping with the owner so they won't help him. He has been secretly  video taped, desk broken into, accused of stuff, been demoted, been fired, been investigated, squealed  on former employees. He is the only good employee everybody else is worthless

    Just a troll seeking attention and needing a hug

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    Whatever medical issues he has is NONE of your business.

    The fact that you try to bring in things such as Downs(not down) Syndrome means you are likely just a troll who thinks something like this is funny.

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