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What possible mental illness is my mom suffering from? ?

First thoughts I remember are going to school hungry and always getting there late because she always wanted to sleep in. Shes never worked a day in her life and thats thanks to my dad feeding into her mental issues because he is also sick and she is the only person other than his family or me and my siblings who have cared about him, so I feel if he thinks if he contradicts her she will leave, even tho shes also mentioned so many times the only reason she stays is because she doesnt want to work. She never leaves the house by herself and the last time I think she did was to drive to get us back from school. Shes not a bad person, shes always somewhat taken care of us, but the things Ive had to deal with are not easy. She constantly used my dad as means to induce fear to the point were I was actually afraid of my dad for most of my childhood until I understood she was just sick and manipulative, she refuses to go to a psychiatrist and the only time she did Im sure the doctor told her something she didnt want to hear about her diagnosis so shes pretended that didnt happen for the reminder of her life. She manipulates everything to always get her way and if she doesnt she will give you the silent treatment even when she is wrong. Theres so many other things I can say but Im out of letters I can use to ask my question but Im so desperate to know whats wrong with her so I can learn to deal with it. Possibly psychosis or bipolar disorder? 


Im sure she is depressed because she sleeps past 1pm every day. And the only thing shes ever openly admitted is she is agoraphobic because she doesnt go out of the house by herself but tbh I think theres more to than than just agoraphobia. She will act like she is the most caring person and tell you if you need anything to ask and she will literally suck her teeth and act upset when you do. She talks about EVERYONE behind their back. 

Update 2:

And again like I said before Im not saying she is a bad person and I know this sounds like im just making her look like a monster but she is not Im just simply trying to understand what all this is so I can just help her. 

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    Your mother probably has a Dependent or Avoidant Personality Disorder or a Narcissistic Personality Disorder...but definitely a personality disorder.  And she has surrounded herself with people who will meet her needs...and God help you if you don't meet her needs because she will make your life hell, right?

    She has low self esteem and this is why she talks about everyone behind their back...it makes her feel important.

    We treat personality disorders in psychiatry with long term talk therapy whereby the patient or client learns better coping skills and life skills.  If your mother had these skills, she would go out on her own, hold down a job, be responsible for her children and have her own close personal friends....but she doesn't.

    Sorry, you can't help her.  She has to admit the problem herself and find a licensed mental health provider to work with her on it.

    But when her illness gets to be impossible for you to live with, all you can do is say to her...."Mom, that's your mental illness talking again and I don't want to hear it."

    Sure she will be angry at you, but at least you will be letting her know when her behavior needs correcting.  And either she will correct or she won't.  But it won't be your problem.

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    No matter what label a doctor wants to put on your mom, the key problem is self-centered living, to the detriment of those around her.

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