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Why is there such a huge difference between a shy nerdy neckbeard introvert computer programmer and a Hollywood actor with tons of charisma?

Why are there such huge deviations in human personality and human attributes. Like the difference between a shy nerdy bookworm girl who has no personality, and a woman who is a diva in the WWE or a swimsuit model or a fiery business woman or lawyer. The levels in confidence between the two are stark. Why do human beings have such huge differences between us? Is it nature or nurture?


It's just amazing that some men spend their entire lives playing video games in their moms basement and other men are out on the front lines of a battlefield in the middle east in the Army, or some women who spend their entire lives bed ridden because they are morbidly obese and other women who are researching cures to cancer and going to medical conferences across the world

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    5 months ago

    Shy nerdy people do have personalities...................

    They do have confidence (a lot of them). They are just different.............

    It's nature and nurture. Both...............................

  • 5 months ago

    It just proves everyone is different.

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