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flashbacks from drunk driving?

While visiting my college friends, I 

got into a situation where I was pressured into getting in a car with a drunk driver. I insisted we walk but no one else wanted to. While we headed towards the car, I started having vivid flashbacks to a childhood memory of my mom almost crashing while driving drunk. Right before we got in the car I broke down crying and had my friends walk me home. For hours after that the memory from my childhood played on a nonstop loop in my mind. I kept hearing tire screeches and a blaring car horn which made me shake and cry uncontrollably. I’ve never had flashbacks like this, and the thought of that night with my mom had never triggered me like that before. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Could it have been a one time thing because I was drinking or is it some form of trauma? I’m still shaken by it and am so afraid of experiencing that feeling again.

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