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How can I make myself have a Wet Dream about a specific girl?

I work with a Blue eyed Blonde girl who is so cute, every time I see her, all I have to do is look at this girl or even just think about her and I get an erection and I'm horny as hell!

I don't stand a chance with her. But, I want to have sex with this cute girl very badly!

I have an erection now as I write this!

I know I'll never get to have sex with her or even kiss her. So the best I can do is try very hard to have a really good, intense, wet dream about her!

I have never had a Wet Dream in my life. But, I've heard that it feels really good. People say it feels very realistic, as if you really are having sex with the girl for real! People say it feels better than masturbating!

Any advice on how I can force myself to have a Wet Dream about her?

Guys, what is your own experience with wet dreams? Did you enjoy having a Wet Dream? What did it feel like? Have you ever made yourself have a Wet Dream on purpose? Does it really feel very realistic?

I've tried:

Thinking about girls for 30 minutes before I fell asleep.

Looking at naked girls before bed.

Thinking about Wendy, the cute girl from work whom I want to dream about.

Sleeping with my crotch against a pillow.

Sleeping with maxi pads and tampons.

I tried a few other things, but, nothing worked to make me have a Wet Dream!

What can I do to force myself to have a wet dream about Wendy?

Sorry about the sexual nature of this question.

Guys, please help!

I really need to have at least One wet dream about Wendy!

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