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Can I contract HIV through sharing cups or smokes?.?

Sorry to seem paranoid, but I recently meet a friend and she is HIV positive. On some occasions I shared her drink, and also I breathed in her smoke, shared the same toilet,). I’m worried saliva can enter my body and I can come tract HIV.

At this time I had no open cuts in my body. What is my risk of contracting HIV spending time with an HIV positive person?. 

Can you also contract HIV from swollowing Semens/breast milks. Thanks.

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  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    HIV is not nearly as contagious as the Covid 19 virus but it can be spread through the sharing of bodily fluids.  The popular CYA statement that the government would make concerning kissing was "there is no current evidence that it is spread by kissing".  Modern drugs can control HIV but can not cure it.  I would suggest that a physical relationship with anyone who has HIV is not a good idea.  Even for your own peace of mind, this doesn't seem like a good idea.  I'd be a much more platonic friend to any woman I knew who had HIV.  

  • Girl
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    1 month ago

    HIV cannot be contracted through sharing of cups or cigarettes. It is primarily caught when you either have sexual relations with the person who has it through bodily fluids

    (not including saliva). Unless they didn’t have blood coming from a sore in the mouth  there are chances you can but transmission rate is very low. 

    Read up on it yourself. 

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