Do you think Epic Games is better than Valve?

I will say I personally believe they are. I mean think about how Valve treats other developers. Valve has rested on their laurels for too long and pushed shitty technology on us. Such as VR, Steam Machines, SteamOS. It's absolutely sad to see how far this company has fallen. Whereas with Epic they have an engine that is to die for in terms of technology. They have a storefront that has quickly become the second most popular place to distribute games on, next to Steam. It is quite possible they could become number one eventually. They started a publishing division to help release newer games for other devs. Epic also has better royalties for the developers. 88% is significantly better than 70%.

What I'm saying here is this, Epic is clearly pro developer and pro consumer. Despite what some people may think about them buying out exclusives, really, do you think any store could challenge the dominance of Steam just by competing in featureset? Hell no. Xbox One has some features PS4 does not have. Yet it's last place. It also has less exclusives. Hence, no one is supporting it. People don't like the console war mentality but that is literally how business works. Also, Epic gives away free games weekly. Nuff said.

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