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How to solve 1 and 2?

A great pianist is getting ready for his concert and plan to move his exclusive grand piano to his concert venue. The 700 kg piano needs to be loaded onto a truck bed which is about 1.5 m high.

1.Initially, the movers decide to use an adjustable ramp to move the piano. The ramp can only be adjusted up to 10 m long and the inclination angle must not exceed 20° to ensure a safe loading process. Determine the range of a suitable length and angle of the ramp.

2.On a second thought, the movers are considering whether it is easier to lift the piano straight up onto the truck bed or push it up along the rough the ramp. With the aid of an appropriate free body diagram, justify the most efficient option for the movers to load the piano to the truck bed with constant speed. State clearly all the assumptions made, and the principles used in the calculations to support your answers.

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  • Jim
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    3 months ago

    SOHCAHTOA is your friend

    SOH sine θ = 1.5m/10m

    θ is 8.62° so it's safe

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