Is there a recession happening now?

is there a global recession happening, or when did it happen?


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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    No, a recession happens every 10-12 years in an economy cycle, it's a normal thing. the other recession is happening , you would normally hear on the news has to do with an economic downfall from an event, like a stock crash. Which wouldn't effect anyone, the recovery time is usually up to 9 months so it stabilizes the economy and things shift to normal again.

  • 5 months ago

    Yes there is a temporary recession happening right now but friend back in the 1917 1918 era there was this thing called Spanish influenza A very bad pandemic. The result was a temporary and pretty severe recession. But within about a year and a half they experienced the greatest financial recovery ever known to the world it was called The roaring twenties now just in case you haven't noticed the year is 2020 you know that history repeats itself we're fixing to come in to one of the largest periods of recovery in the world. And you can absolutely bet on the fact that Donald Trump is going to attribute it to his wonderful leadership LOL. it's even mentioned in the Bible in the book of Daniel this leader that's called the little horn. By the way another word for little horn is Trump short for trumpet. This leader suffers a political Deathstroke and everybody thinks he's all washed up and then he makes a spectacular and dramatic recovery and all the leaders of the world and all of the people pretty much bow down to him and worship him and say who is like this leader and who can possibly win against him.

    Well that's not all! The Bible gives us about three and a half years after this happens before judgment day. Friend we're going to see Donald Trump re-elected and you can bet every penny that you own that judgment day the real judgment day that we've been waiting on for thousands of years it's going to happen three and a half years from now

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    A recession is two quarters of negative growth. We had one quarter of negative growth and now our economy is expanding again. That means no recession. 

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