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Heron Fishing Experience?

While fishing, I recently saw a Great Blue Heron dive and catch quite a large (and colorful!) rainbow trout crosswise in it s bill, you could tell the fish was not happy and fighting hard to prevent becoming the bird’s dinner. It looked like the fish was putting up a real good struggle, but within about 30 seconds the flapping thing was turned face-first and the heron swallowed the entire fish down its long/skinny neck the whole way!! 

The trout appeared to be wriggling down that long neck! I thought it was over, but once in the stomach you could see the desperate fish kicking much to the discomfort (it appeared) to the bird. We didn’t stay much longer, I wonder if that was the end for the fish or if it still had a slim chance of survival??? Hard to imagine it would succumb so easily once down..

Does it stand any slim chance of damaging (biting, the wriggling etc.) or even turning around to escape the bird’s elastic insides with that thrashing?? 

It must be a some potential meal for the bird and I wonder if it handles it bones and all as well?!

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    No, there was no longer a chance for the fish to survive.

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