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How come there so few Asians from china or india in pro -sports when china and india have a billion + people.  Do these people play sports?

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    I seem to remember the Chinese were good at many  sports in the Olympics.

    There are many good Korean soccer players. 

    All the countries of the Indian subcontinent are crazy about cricket.

    Japan are pretty good at rugby these days having beaten South Africa, Scotland,and Ireland at recent world cups.

    News flash! There are other sports outside the USAs isolated sports.

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    This is a dumb question from low IQ guy like you. China is the world’s sport powerhouse, it’s Second only to the Us in Olympic medal counts for many events. Yet India is surely a underachievers in sport, it won very few medals, in term of percapita, India is in the bottom of the world.

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    In China, parents do not necessarily think sports are important for their children. Generally speaking, the attitude is that sports may be good exercise and all-but are really just a distraction from academics. It is completely different from the North American notion that sports build character and maybe get you a college scholarship. If you are a hockey player, a figure skater, a skier, a golfer, etc., cannot succeed in these expensive sports without supportive parents. 

    This is why Chinese athletes can excel at niche sports like gymnastics where you essentially turn pro at age 12 and are like a horse in the stable, but not soccer and so on. In fact, it is a well known phenomenon in China that a gymnast or so on will break their ankle and then end up homeless due to knowing nothing but their sport. Therefore, do not expect the population of China to translate into elite athletes at sports that are actually popular.

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    They play sports and have pro-sports too, just couldn't get many medals in Olimpic like other countries do ,even they want to.

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    They play, but they don't pay.  In every sport, the countries that pay the most for players, will end up with the best ones.

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    The NFL is in the USA. China is not part of the USA. I know this is difficult to understand, but I think you can do it.

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    they might play sports but just not here

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